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The cold is back ... not as low and nasty as before, but the humidity is higher this time 'round, making the chill more penetrating, especially when one is strolling down city streets looking for an unfamiliar small movie theatre. And strolling farther than absolutely necessary, when one isn't sure what station to get off at. :p But my nose got frozen in a good cause and letting it inhale the steam from a mug of hot choccie will earn me its forgiveness ...

Made the expedition, via C-train, downtown to catch the matinee showing of Deepa Mehta's Water at the Globe. WOW! doesn't begin to cover it. Amazing, incredible film about the treatment of Hindu widows in 1938 India, beginning with 8-year-old Chuyia's arrival at a widows' ashram after the death of her husband. I highly recommend clicking on the "production" link at the movie site above and reading about the difficulties Mehta encountered in making this film ... Hindu fundamentalists are just as scary as those of any other faith, and they don't like movies that expose the dark side of their version of religion. The original 2000 attempt to shoot "Water" in India was ended by fundamentalist violence and sabotage ... filming eventually resumed four years later in Sri Lanka under cover of a different title and with an "anti-publicist" on staff.

Now, having had my mind and heart simultaneously warmed and torn by "Water", I have to get my hands on copies of "Fire" and "Earth", the first two films in this trilogy ... they are famed for packing the same emotional power and controversy as their successor, and it hasn't been difficult to come to the conclusion that any film Deepa Mehta makes should be watched. Multiple times. :-)

P.S. Came across another happy viewing potential downtown. Word had been that there was no Canadian release planned for Neil Gaiman's Mirrormask; there was certainly no mention of it on the Calgary movie site of it as a "coming soon" title, nor was it listed in any of the theatres after the official release date, so I had given up on checking for it. But, across the street from the Globe is another small movie theatre called the Uptown, which also specializes in non-mainstream movies and guess what it had on its marquee today! Hopefully it'll still be there next weekend and I can treat myself on Christmas Eve. :-)
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