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Out of Eden : an odyssey of ecological invasion, by Alan Burdick.

A dash of daring : Carmel Snow and her life in fashion, art, and letters, by Penelope Rowlands.

The Pollaiuolo Brothers : the arts of Florence and Rome, by Alison Wright. Historical fashion details galore!

Drinks, by Vincent Gasnier.

The martyr's oath : the apprenticeship of a homegrown terrorist, by Stewart Bell.

Costumes, textiles and jewellery of India, by Vandara Bhandari. Includes patterns for traditional garments.

Maharajas : resonance from the past, by Charles Allen.

Art, power, and patronage in Renaissance Italy, by John T. Paoletti and Gary M. Radke.

Yemen chronicle : an anthropology of war and mediation, by Steven C. Caton.

Art of the Middle Ages, by James Snyder, Dorothy Verkerk, and Henry Luttikhuizen.

British cinema : a critical and interpretive history, by Amy Sargeant.

Shooting Water : a mother-daughter journey and the making of a film, by Devyani Saltzman.

Film festival confidential, by William Marshall.

Did God have a wife? : archaeology and folk religion in ancient Israel, by William G. Dever.

My story : a photography essay of life with multiple sclerosis, by Amelia Davis.

First writes, edited by Kelley Aitken, Sue Goyette, and Barbara Scott.

The magician and the cardsharp : the search for America's greatest sleight-of-hand artist, by Karl Johnson.

Low-carb smoothies : 50 fabulous recipes the whole family will love, by Dana Carpender.

Eyeing the flash : the education of a carnival con artist, by Peter Fenton.

Recovered, not cured : a journey through schizophrenia, by Richard McLean.

Horror fiction : an introduction, by Gina Wisker.

The everything guide to writing a book proposal, by Meg Schneider.

Digital photo art : transform your images with traditional and contemporary art techniques, by Theresa Airey.

The roots of war and terror, by Anthony Stevens.

Not in Kansas anymore : a curious tale of how magic is transforming America, by Christine Wicker.

Going sane : maps of happiness, by Adam Phillips.

Baghdad burning : girl blog from Iraq, by Riverbend.

A new history of Japanese cinema : a century of narrative film, by Isolde Standish.

Priests in love : Roman Catholic clergy and their intimate friendships, by Jane Anderson.

How to write : a screenplay, by Mark Evan Schwartz.

Testament : the Bible odyssey, compiled and edited by Philip Law.

The Bugatti queen, by Miranda Seymour.

The persistence of faith : religion, morality and society in a secular age, by Jonatahan Sacks.

The memoirs of Catherine the Great, new translation by Markus Cruse and Hilde Hoogenboom.

Organizing for your brain type : finding your own solution to managing time, paper, and stuff, by Lanna NAkone.

More paperwork, by Nancy Williams.

Arctic clothing, edited by J.C.H. King, Birgit Pauksztat, and Robert Storrie.

Nil : a land beyond belief, by James Turner.

Scurvy dogs, by Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount.

Life's a bitch, by Robert Gregory.

78 reasons why your book may never be published and 14 reasons why it just might, by Pat Walsh.
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