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Hadn't heard from Semmie since the quick Friday e-mail ... wasn't worrying too much yet (or at least was working hard at convincing myself of that *** wry grin***), as knew that cordless phone had been acting up and might have been giving imitation of phone line that hasn't been activated yet. But ...

Just had a collect call from Semmie at a pay phone ... she hasn't been in touch because there is a problem with the telephone wiring in her apartment; she's not getting any dial tone, even after going out and buying a new phone, and that's why attempting to call results in the phone ringing and ringing and ringing with no results (except a recorded voice eventually interrupting and informing you that nobody is answering the phone ... do they REALLY think people can't figure that out without help?). Hopefully telephone problems will be fixed soon.

Poor girl is suffering from heat and humidity (no air conditioning, although landlord did supply brand new dehumidifier, which helps a bit) ... South Dakota is too far from the Rockies to be cooled at night by breezes drifting across snowcapped mountains. Semmie also reports that her overloaded vehicle was NOT searched at the border (she suspects because Customs officer didn't want to reload that nightmare) and the only thing confiscated was her remaining two bites of beef jerky (which was likely butchered a year before the beef scare ;)).

Tomorrow is Semmie's first day of orientation at her new job, so she will have access to her office, computer and Internet, and will be able to reach out and rejoin the rest of the world. Welcome back, Sweetie-Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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