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Of interest to the music lovers ...

CKUA has just posted their list of most played music from their recent fundraiser (most played=most requested).

For those not in the know, CKUA has been on the air for 78 years now, and possesses one of the largest music collections in North America, from every genre and every era. It's probably the only station on the planet that has the potential to play traditional Tibetan throat singing and live Rolling Stones back-to-back, followed by a little classic Johnny Cash, some Tchaikosvky, and the lastest rock hit from Iraq or Madagascar (I've heard 'em do it too). Their music is on 45s, 78s, LPs, cassettes, CDs, and they have all the equipment to play/broadcast each form (some programs are dedicated purely to the older formats, and music that has never made it to CD). It would,'t surprise me at all to one day tune in and discover they've acquired a collection of wax cylinders and are playing them on air, just for the joy of sharing a recording that hasn't been heard for decades.

They do broadcast over the Internet (the first Canadian radio station to do so), so have a peek at their programming ... you never know what you'll find! (I just discovered a brand-new virtual tour on their site ... that wasn't there on my last visit)
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