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Tonight ...

... I am mighty conqueror of the ironing mountain! It's unusual for me to neglect it for so long (I wear a chiefly cotton/linen wardrobe voluntarily, so I figure it comes with the territory), but I've been finding so many much more interesting things to do. Or watch. Or read.

But tonight I lured myself into the sewing/bookcase overflow room by plunking my tapes of the second season of H2G2 (the original radio series) into the boombox and enjoyed all the bits that never appeared in the TV series or the movie (the fifteen-mile-high statue of Arthur Dent Throwing the Nutrimatic Cup, the Wise Old Bird, the Lintilla clones and the Allitnil anti-clones, the Foot Warriors). And now I feel as if I've tripled my wardrobe (looks fondly upon the shirts all hanging neatly in the closet instead of lying heaped on the floor beside the ironing board).

I may just have to go back in there and tidy up the filing cabinet, just to have an excuse to listen to another episode ...

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