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November ...

... is definitely the month of good viewing this year. Two long back-ordered Farscape DVDs were in my mail today ... volumes 2 and 3 of season 3! Still have to acquire volumes 1 and 5 for that season, as well as a few other scattered bits and pieces, but my Farscape collection is now far closer to complete than incomplete. :-)

I've watched this series so out of order it's amazing I can follow it at all. Season 1 (and only season 1, repeated over and over on YTV) were all that was available for Canadian viewers for several years. Then, suddenly, Space picked it up, starting with season 4. After which, they backtracked and started to show the rest, starting from the beginning. Just as they got to season 2, there was an upheaval in my cable, etc., etc. And so I ended up having seen all of 1 and 4, plus the first episode of 2 and a few scattered episodes of 3 (thanks to kind American friends with VCRs who were willing to mail care packages). Now, as I slowly fill in the gaps, I get the fun of discovering stuff, like learning (a couple of months ago) the season two clue that solves the mystery of whether the real Crichton or the copy died in season three. Of course I still have no idea how the crew ended up with two Crichtons because I haven't seen any of the first half of season 3, but I'm hoping that that information is included in today's treasures (I can tell from reading the container blurbs that Zhaan's death is included). Other mysteries yet to be seen by me: what happened to Crais and Talon, the arrival of Jool and of Noranti, the reunion and parting of D'Argo and Jothee, the departure of Stark. And that's just the stuff I KNOW about.

Such fun, putting all the puzzles together, piece by piece, and still having the series be "new" to me, long after it's over. :-)
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