JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Just finished watching ...

... Chutney popcorn. A strange (in a good way) little movie, quiet and performed by actors who look and dress like real people (and act like them, too). I liked it very much. Even though the plot involves Hindu culture, it's not Bollywood, by any means; just a realistic tale about life and relationships and family and how one event can echo through all those things, and one change will cause ripples that touch everything. I liked how it was filmed too ... 'twas more like being a fly on the wall in the characters' personal lives than something where people are aware that they're performing. Reminded me of Kissing Jessica Stein in one respect; in both of these movies you could switch all the genders around in almost any combination and the story/relationships would still work ... a story where the people are more than the containers they come in is a very good story indeed, IMHO. :-)

Primo giggly moment ... brother-in-law's coffee prep/drinking routine in the fertility clinic waiting room that paralleled the artificial insemination of his sister-in-law that was happening at the same time (there's no way I can describe this ... this is one of those visual scenes that can't possibly be properly translated into mere words). Most hilarious spoken lines ... Jill Hennessy's character, Lisa, trying to figure out how she feels about her girlfriend being pregnant with her (the girlfriend's) brother-in-law's child and attempting to get sympathy from her mother:

Lisa: I don't want to end up like everyone else.
Mom: Oh no. You're different. You leave your pregnant girlfriend.
Lisa: It's not even mine!
Mom: Eh, that's what they all say.

Definitely one to watch if you get the chance. :-)
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