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Sale loot!

United Library Services held their annual Employee Appreciation Sale tonight, with all stock at 45% off list price to staff and their invited family/friends. My acquisitions:

The chuckling whatsit, by Richard Sala.

Crows : encounters with the wise guys, by Candace Savage.

Designer knitting with Kitty Bartholomew, by Kitty Bartholomew.

Collins essential Canadian English dictionary & thesaurus.

A cuppa tea and an aspirin, by Helen Forrester. Alberta author! (okay, she was born and grew up in England, but she's lived here for over fifty years, so I figure that makes her ours).

The life of the world to come, by Kage Baker.

The tinder box, by Minette Walters.

The vagina monologues, unabridged edition, written and performed by Eve Ensler.

Not a bad haul for $95.00. :-)
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