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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

Liberation biology : the scientific and moral case for the biotech revolution, by Ronald Bailey.

Chariot : the astounding rise and fall of the world's first war machine, by Arthur Cotterell.

How Rembrandt reveals your beautiful, imperfect self : life lessons from the master, by Roger Housden.

Rereadings : seventeen writers revisit books they love, edited by Anne Fadiman.

Magnum stories, edited by Chris Boot.

I choose to live, by Sabine Dardenne, with Marie Thérèse Cuny.

Fighting words : the origins of religious violence, by Hector Avalos.

Stonewall : the riots that sparked the gay revolution, by David Carter.

The cinema of David Lynch : American dreams, nightmare visions, edited by Erica Sheen and Annette Davison.

Confessions of an innocent man : torture and survival in a Saudi prison, by William Sampson.

The truth (with jokes), by Al Franken.

The dolphin's tooth : a decade in search of adventure, by Bruce Kirkby.

The lost painting, by Jonathan Harr.

Bait and switch : the (futile) pursuit of the American dream, by Barbara Ehrenreich.

Eakins revealed : the secret life of an American artist, by Henry Adams.

How brains make up their minds, by Walter J. Freeman.

The arts of Asia : materials, techniques, styles, by Meher McArthur.

The art of destruction : the films of the Vienna Action Group, by Stephen Barber.

A history of chemical warfare, by Kim Coleman.

Gregorian chants : an illustrated history of religious chanting, by Colin Shearing.

Living Islam out loud : American Muslim women speak, edited by Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur.
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