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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

Japanese dishes for wine lovers, by Machiko Chiba and J.K. Whelehan.

A treasury of deception : liars, misleaders, hoodwinkers, and the extraordinary true stories of history's greatest hoaxes, fakes, and frauds, by Michael Farquhar.

Victorian London : the life of a city, 1840-1870, by Liza Picard.

The real food revival : aisle by aisle, morsel by morsel, by Sherri Brooks Vinton and Ann Clark Espuelas.

The book of bunny suicides : little fluffy rabbits who just don't want to live any more, by Andy Riley. Courtesy of S. at work, whose desk is close to mine and who always keeps an eye out for oddities on her own desk for this list.

The elements of style : an encyclopedia of domestic architectural detail, edited by Stephen Calloway.

100%, by Paul Pope.

The year of magical thinking, by Joan Didion.

When Baghdad ruled the Muslim world : the rise and fall of Islam's greatest dynasty, by Hugh Kennedy.

The healthy hedonist : more than 200 delectable flexitarian recipes for relaxed daily feasts, by Myra Kornfeld.

The elements of murder : a history of poison, by John Emsley.

Bullies, tyrants, and impossible people : how to beat them without joining them, by Ronald M. Shapiro, Mark A. Jankowski, and James Dale.

Rapid contextual design : a how-to guide to key techniques for user-centered design, by Karen Holtzblatt, Jessamyn Burns Wendell, and Shelley Wood.

1000 tattoos, edited by Henk Schiffmacher.

Dish : memories, recipes, and delicious bites, by Marion Kane.

Made in Canada : craft and design in the sixties, edited by Alan C. Elder.

Uncle Jack, by Tony Williams and Humphrey Price.

The vast left wing conspiracy, by Byron York.

The root of wild madder : chasing the history, mystery, and lore of the Persian carpet, Brian Murphy.

Made in China : what western managers can learn from trailblazing Chinese entrepreneurs, by Donald N. Sull, with Yong Wang.

The tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers, by Joe Babcock.

Epileptic, by David B.

Cinema panopticum, by Thomas Ott.

Computer science résumés and job-finding guide, by Phil Bartlett.

Deep space : the NASA mission reports, edited by Robert Godwin and Steve Whitfield.

Saving stuff : how to care for and preserve your collectibles, heirlooms, and other prized possessions, by Don Williams and Louisa Jaggar.

Rush hour dinners : great meals in 30 minutes or less, by the editors of Good Housekeeping.

Wicca demystified : a guide for practioners, their family, and friends, by Bryan Lankford.

The walking boy, by Lydia Kwa.

Rami Gafni's beauty therapy : the ultimate guide to looking and feeling great while living with cancer, by Rami Gafni. Gafni is a cancer survivor himself and practiced what he preaches ... the book is geared toward cancer patients boosting their own morale.

Young and hungry : more than 100 recipes for cooking fresh and affordable food for everyone, by Dave Lieberman.

The plot : the secret story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, by Will Eisner. Eisner's final masterwork, completed just a couple of months before his death (the reviewer for Publishers Weekly appears to have missed reading the front flap of his/her copy ... I recommend using the "look inside" feature on this one)

Isaac the pirate, volume 1 and Isaac the pirate, volume 2, by Chrisopher Blain.

In fond remembrance of me : a memoir of myth and uncommon friendship in the Arctic, by Howard Norman.

Memling's portraits, by Till Borchert. A collection of 15th-century Flemish portraits, showing all kinds of costume details.

Thirt3en, by Mike Carey and Andy Clarke. For some weird reason all the images at the various Amazons have "Thirteen" on the cover, but the copy I handled and catalogued had "Thirt3en" on both cover and title page. I'm not gonna hurt my brain trying to figure it out. :p

Skizz, by Alan Moore and Jim Baikie.

Anatomy for fantasy artists : an illustrator's guide to creating action figures and fantastical forms, by Glenn Fabry and Ben Cormack.

First comes love, by Pino Coluccio.

Plus, I'm very proud to announce that Sarah Waters' upcoming novel made it onto our Winter Hotlist! :-)
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