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The colourful part of my weekend

Long-sleeved t-shirt from sale fabric Long-sleeved t-shirt from sale fabric

I hope it was just the fabric that hated me, and not the pattern ... t-shirt cotton is an evil material to work with (it has a clingy self-love that makes Narcissus look full of self-loathing), but this stuff decided to go further ... on this simplest of patterns I ended up ripping out and redoing FAR more than I've ever done in my life. But it's DONE, despite its sadistic efforts to thwart me ... I WIN! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

More tie-dyed/batiked cotton (regular, non-evil, woven stuff) fabric, purchased at the sale. You can see sorted button loot on the floor ... everything had a discount of 60% or more for members, 'cause they're trying to empty the store before moving to new, and larger, quarters.

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