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I maun be fey after all ...

I gave in to whim and bought unsweetened papaya juice this weekend ... something I don't indulge in often, even though I love it, 'cause it IS pricey.

And I've just had a good loooong first sip out of a big glass of rum'n'papaya (white rum unfortunately ***squinches face***, which is the rum equivalent of white sugar, but 'twas all there was in the cupboard) ... THAT's the kind of horrific day it's been. For those not in the know, I rarely drink and those rare occasions are, as a rule, in the company of friends ... for me to drink at home, and alone is an indicator of just how BAD it was And what makes it worse is that nothing was anybody's fault ... it was just generic the-universe-is-out-to-get-us stuff)

Don't worry ... I'm just having the one (for one thing, it's the LAST of the papaya juice ***grin***). I've ordered a New York Deli pizza ... the ultimate in high-protein, gooey-cheese comfort food. In a couple of hours I know I'll feel much MUCH better.

I hope the rest of the ULS cataloguers manage to do something similar for themselves tonight ... :p

And I hope that tomorrow is better ...

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