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My newly acquired copy of Cleaning Windows XP for dummies just paid for itself in less than five minutes this morning. My computer, which used to start up in seconds, has been taking a couple of minutes lately. I knew the cause ... when I bought my digital camera and installed the Kodak software, it planted an icon in my system tray and resisted all efforts to remove it, which meant that it was starting itself up with the computer and tying up resources making frantic attempts to contact its masters (my firewall is blocking it from that, preventing it from reinstalling its 57 different pieces of spyware). Last night I flipped through the book and confirmed that I had tried all the proper techniques for digging the little bastard out. This morning I read a little further and tried the recommended sneaky backdoor route to the problem, with great success ... the evil automatic Kodak startup has been vanquished! (discovered that Adobe was invisibly starting itself up too, so that is turfed as well ... I look at a .pdf file about once a month and, for that low frequency, I'm willing to wait for it to start up at the time).

And now my computer is back to its old instant startup speed ... it's like seeing the little guy be reborn. Looking very forward to paging through the rest of this book and discovering what other tricks I can do. :-)
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