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LJ interests meme

Acquired from sealwhiskers and tommdroid (just HAD to use the Cuddles icon, since his TV show is #8 on the list)

LJ Interests meme results

  1. babylon 5:
    While British television has a long history of multi-year, limited TV series with a planned/scheduled ending, Babylon 5 was the very first for North America. The creator/writer described it as a "novel for television" and what a novel it was! Every time I "re-read" it, I discover new wonders. And the final chapter, "Sleeping in Light", still makes me sniffly and probably always will, no matter now many times I see it.
  2. botany:
    Plants are fascinating creatures.
  3. chocolate:
    If you need this explained to you, then you're incapable of comprehending the explanation. :p
  4. didgeridoo music:
    Like bagpipe music, something in the tones of the didgeridoo goes right to the core of my bones and the nucleus of every one of my cells. It's like listening to the Earth sing.
  5. glencoulee:
    A Celtic band made up of three faculty at the college I used to work at; two law enforcement instructors and one broadcasting instructor. Good, fun music, just like the guys performing it.
  6. knitting:
    The magic art of making fabric and three-dimensional objects from sticks and string. Deceptively complex-looking results, but amazingly simple to do.
  7. neil gaiman:
    Fun to read, while simultaneously brain-stimulating ... the best qualities an author can have.
  8. puppets who kill:
    A Canadian television show that exposes the dark and murderous souls of those cute little kiddy show characters. First program to ever broadcast footage of a teddy bear masturbating while looking at Internet porn. Not recommended for the easily disturbed.
  9. rowan atkinson:
    He's funny. VERY funny.
  10. thin man movies:
    William Powell and Myrna Loy ... YUM!

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