JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Have just finished reading ..

... Emma Donoghue's Life Mask, which I purchased in the Toronto airport on my way home from the Ohio Gathering. HIGHLY recommended ... especially to fans of Sarah Waters. :-) The book was slow going and easily set aside at first, then, happily, suddenly turned into something un-put-downable (to my relief ... I've enjoyed the other Donoghue books I've read and hated to think this one was to be a dud).

P.S. Special note for anotheranon: I was quite surprised to discover that the main character of the novel, Anne Damer, was half-sister to the wife of the 3rd Duke of Richmond, brother of the four Lennox sisters (The Aristocrats) ... even my books are starting to live in a small world! =O
Tags: reading

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