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Decadent indulgence ...

Back in March, I posted about a luscious giant chenille yarn, called Mama Mia, that I'd seen at the local yarn shop. It has continued to fascinate me over the months, but, after a bit of petting, I always passed it by because I couldn't figure out what I would possibly do with it. The only commercial patterns in existence for it are for a blanket/wrap (in two sizes), a hat (I HATE wearing hats, 'cause my own hair is insulation enough and they make me swelter), and a scarf (I'm not much of a scarf wearer, and I've knitted three now ... that's enough).

Today I had to drop in to the shop to buy a new 6mm circular needle ... the one I was using to knit my Issey vest developed a crack in the plastic coating on the wire cable and it keeps snagging my yarn/stitches (the poor ancient thing is nearly twenty years old ... it has served long and well, and the newer needles have far more flexible cords, sans metal core, so I'm not terribly upset). Once again, I stopped to pet the Mamma Mia ... they had a bunch of new, vivid colours ***whimper***. And suddenly, while I stood there, petting and coveting, inspiration struck. Maybe, using the principles of the bog coat, I can make a cozy, cardigany thingy ... cast offs/cast ons and grafting instead of cutting and seaming!

I have a vague notion of how I'm going to do this, but it's still in embryo stage in the dark recesses of my brain ... it'll pop out like a baby alien out of John Hurt when it's ready. Decisions to make: what stitch to use to best show off the yarn? knit vertically or horizontally? (I DO love the look of side-to-side sweaters)

In the meantime ... (a couple of clicks and the pictures grow big enough for you to read the ruler)

And you thought the orange nightshirt was vivid!

Three giant hanks of cuddliness.

To give you an inkling of the size of the yarn

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