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A vastly improved living room

And since this is the tidiest it'll likely be for a while, since it's usually pretty obvious that I LIVE in it (hence the knitting-projects-in-residence and last night's popcorn bowl, plus books and magazines on the coffee table), I thought I'd record it now (after hastily removing the piles of laundry that I folded last night, but hadn't got 'round to putting away ***grin***)

Have I ever mentioned that I own a few books?

Ah ... sunshine! (and hideously streaky windows ... used the squeegee on 'em a couple of weeks ago to get the majority of the dirt off, but have yet to get out there with the microfibre cloth to destreak and polish)

The small gentleman visible on the top shelf of the nearest bookcase is a Lord Nelson doll purchased at a Calgary show several years ago, impeccably costumed, one-armed and eye-patched. :-)

If my knitting projects live on the couch, they guilt me into working on them. The dark bluegreen is my Arctic scarf ... now as tall as I am. The blob of red is the Issey vest. Couch, I'm afraid, needs some serious refluffling of the futon. :p (HEY, there's wall over the couch now! I'll have to hang a picture!)

Quite a few books ...

Okay, a LOT of books (the other half of the collection is in another room).


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