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My Outlook decided to go a little psycho on me tonight.

When I closed my email earlier in the evening, the "compact email" feature activated. Since I had something else I wanted to do on the computer and that thing slows all other functions down, I hit "cancel". Instead of just canceling and going away, the wretched thing froze ... opening Task Manager got me a "not responding" status for it, so I restarted my computer. And now ... now my "Inbox" is empty. It had a couple hundred items in it before (yeah, I was a little behind in my sorting to decide what to save or delete). The data isn't missing ... the inbox folder still contains all the messages (I used Notepad to confirm this), but it ain't connecting to the Inbox in Outlook. New messages are coming into the Inbox with no problem ... it's just the old stuff that's gone invisible.

I've tried restarting my computer. I've tried System Restore. I've housecleaned a ton o' stuff out of my Outlook. I've tried recompacting the mail. I've tried "Help" (and it's bloody useless). No luck.

Any suggestions? Anybody out there with previous experience of this charming phenomenon?

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