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The little things that make it all worthwhile ...

At work a couple of months ago, I was assigned a special project by the General Manager ... cataloguing a wellness collection for the Calgary Police College (I got the job because they wanted Library of Congress classification and that's my rarely used specialty at ULS). The books arrived in July and I got the whole thing done in about a day and a half, and ready to ship back to the College ... 'twas a fairly easy job. This morning, as I made my way through the Shipping labyrinth, returning to my desk after morning coffee break, one of the guys handed me a small box and said something about the cops bribing me. Got back to my desk, opened it up, and found a black, velvety drawstring bag. Inside the bag was a VERY nice lidded, insulated coffee cup and a handwritten thank you note from the Calgary Police College librarian! :-) WOW! The note alone would have made me feel warm and fuzzy all day ... this will likely have me floating happily for weeks!

Best close-up I could get of the engraving (shiny things are very difficult to photograph). It's a human figure walking a tightrope, surrounded by the words: Balance, Life, Work, Wellness. "Calgary Police Service" is engraved on the other side.

Today was a GOOD day. :-)

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