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Wheeeee! pt. 2

Awwwww ... that's so sweet that Jayne's mommy knitted his hat for him. :D Have finished marathoning my way through Firefly (including the special features, although I've yet to listen to the commentaries) ... now I'll have to let it ferment for a day or two before spinning through it again at a slower pace. So SO GOOD!!!!!!! Now my eagerness to see the feature film is doubled (and it was already pretty high to begin with after seeing the trailer, even though I didn't initially connect it with this frequently-mentioned show)

And y'know, there was one tiny thing amongst all the excellence that ultra-impressed me. I'm used to watching a lot of British and Canadian TV shows and movies, which tend to have minimal background music/noise and very quiet dialogue. American stuff finds me leaping for the volume control to turn the sound down, to protect my eardrums from the background stuff. For Firefly, the volume comfortably stayed up. :-)
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