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A very good afternoon off today ..

Lunch at Kelsey's with G., followed by rampaging through a couple yarn shops. :-) Personal score: finally was able to purchase the Berroco pattern book with the Issey vest in it; the majority of the patterns in this book are quite tragic, which is to be expected when an item is deliberately titled Forever Hip ***shudders***, but the vest alone was worth buying it for (note to anotheranon: now that I've had a chance to read over the pattern, construction seems quite easy and might even be possible with manufactured knit fabric as well).

And I've already got the yarn ... not the stuff recommended in the pattern, but the luscious Patons Carmen that I acquired a while ago ... I knew if I grabbed it I'd find the ideal project for it one day! :-)

Patons 'Carmen' Patons 'Carmen'

Patons 'Carmen' close-up Patons 'Carmen' close-up

Silky wine-coloured fluff, with little blobs of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate in it. :-)

So nice to have something larger to alternate with the sock knitting ... keeps the fingers from seizing up! ***GRIN***
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