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The score streak continues!

First it was the opportunity to buy more of the discontinued Noro Sarubia yarn (which, I've been informed, arrived safely at hadesgirl's house today). Then it was finding Kage Baker's "In the Garden of Iden" at Fair's Fair. And now ...

Tonight I nipped into the local Indigo store to pick up a last-minute gift card. And, naturally, being queen of the bookstore sale tables, I had to spend a few minutes browsing while I was there. An upside-down cover caught my eye ... topsy-turvy it looked like a portrait of Lani Tupu as Farscape's Commander Crais, so I was instantly wondering if there'd been a Farscape novelization that I'd managed to miss hearing about. 'round to the other side to see the book right-side-up ... no, it's not Crais, although there's a strong resemblance, but OMIGOSH THAT'S A KAGE BAKER BOOK!!!!! ONLY ONE COPY!!!!! Strange ... I've never heard of the title, "In Bad Company", but surely it's gotta be a Company book with a name like that. Flip it open ... and it's a 2-in-one ... the incredibly elusive Mendoza in Hollywood (it's the only volume in the series that my public library doesn't have and secondhand copies are selling for around $100.00US), bound together with The Graveyard Game!!!!! And it was marked down to $2.99CAN! ***happy dancing***

anotheranon, have I thanked you lately for giving me this particular addiction? :D
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