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My copy of Matthew Thomas' Before & After, which was recommended by libwitch, arrived today! Small enough that it fit in my mailbox, so I was spared the tedium of playing phone tag with complaints about the parcel service! :-) Now all I've got to do is force myself to keep my mitts off of it until Friday, so I'll have entertaining reading for my flight to Toronto. :p

Was woken at 3:00 a.m. this morning (as were most of the people in my neighbourhood AND the surrounding neighbourhoods) by a MASSIVE crash of thunder. Dunno what the lightning hit (I'll have to go take a peek at the local paper online and see if it's mentioned), but I'm sure I felt a miniscule building vibration and car alarms started going off all over the place! After three days of extreme heat (which wouldn't have been so intolerable if I hadn't been trying to give the place a pre-departure tidy-up), the cooling rain that followed the BOOM was quite welcome.

EDIT: Nada about local lightning (which, presumably, didn't strike anything important), since all the Canadian news sources are full of this story: No fatalities as Air France jet crashes and burns at Toronto's Pearson Airport
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