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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

The lost patrol : the Mounties' Yukon tragedy, by Dick North.

After dark : uncommon knits for night time, by Jil Eaton.

The first-time cook, by Sophie Grigson.

Job-hunting on the Internet, by Richard Nelson Bolles and Mark Emery Bolles. From the creator of the "What color is your parachute?" career-finder annual.

The silent thief : osteoporosis, exercises, and strategies for prevention and treatment, by Karine Bohme and Frances Budden.

The Stark reality of stretching : an informed approach for all activities and every sport, by Steven D. Stark.

Can't sleep, can't stay awake : a woman's guide to sleep disorders, by Meir Kryger.

The worlds of Herman Kahn : the intuitive science of thermonuclear war, by Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi.

Olga's story : three continents, two world wars and revolution : one woman's epic journey through the twentieth century, by Stephanie Williams.

Locas : the Maggie and Hopey stories, by Jaime Hernandez.

Smoking : a global history of smoking, edited by Sander L. Gilman and Zhou Xun.

Masters of deception : Escher, Dali & the artists of optical illusion, by Al Seckel.

The Scarith of Scornello : a tale of Renaissance forgery, by Ingrid D. Rowland.

Fashion : a history from the 18th to the 20th century. A droolworthy two-volume set illustrating the Kyoto Costume Institute's collection.

The body never lies : the lingering effects of cruel parenting, by Alice Miller.

What Einstein told his cook : kitchen science explained and What Einstein told his cook 2 : further adventures in kitchen science, by Robert L. Wolfe.

Very naughty boys : the amazing true story of Handmade Films, Britain's best loved film company, by Robert Sellers. Handmade Films was formed by ex-Beatle George Harrison to fund the film "Monty Python's Life of Brian" (the studio that had originally been backing the film had suddenly bowed out of the project, due to concerns over the subject matter, and George REALLY wanted to see the movie, which meant it had to be made first); the company went on to produce several other excellent British films.
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