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Remember ...

... when I posted a couple of days ago about unraveling that tunic because the yarn had been discontinued while I was in the process of knitting it? A sharp-eyed member over at knitting had just SEEN the Sarubia yarn in a shop in Cleveland! (gotta love those small shops that hang onto their unsold stock forever) An email inquiry resulted in the news that not only do they have some Sarubia, but IT'S IN ONE OF THE TWO COLOURS I WAS USING!!!!! ***happy dancing*** So now I'm going to be getting four more skeins of the cherry/green/chocolate mixture mailed to me! And, to keep the shipping hassles to a minimum, I"m getting them to ship it to me at hadesgirl and mjpg's house, so those in attendance in August will be able to pet it. :-)

Am halfway through the unraveling 'cause, even with the new skeins, I don't have enough of the other two colours to continue the design properly. But now I can make up something else with the cherry mixture as primary and the other two as secondary elements of the design.
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