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Evil co-workers of the finest kind

Today my copy of The plague and I, by Betty MacDonald, was delivered to my desk. Now, at work, every book that comes into the building has a paper ticket printed for it, that stays with it until it is ready to be invoiced and shipped. On the ticket is the author, title, ISBN, customer name, number of copies for that customer, price ... all the important and usual stuff. There's also a spot where any special notes in our computer that apply to that client/title combination will print out. I guess I must have been extra pesky to Tonu (who does the price quotes/discounts for clients and staff) around the time I ordered the book (it's not MY fault that something eats the Emily Carr Institute P.O.s between her desk and mine and she has to keep printing me new ones), 'cause there was a special note on my ticket that said "Tonu says to charge Jeannette 10% OVER the Amazon price for this title." Evil EVIL woman ... LOL!!!!!!

no, I did not have to pay 10% over ... I got my normal staff discount :p
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