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FAR too weird!

Y'know how you can recall snatches of song heard when you were a child (well, I can, anyway), but haven't a CLUE what the actual song was/is. One of the ones that has always vaguely tickled my mind was something Cajun (I have a fondness for modern Cajun-folkore songs, like Jim Stafford's "Swamp Witch") ... all I've ever had was a vague sense of tune (useless to somebody who can't really sing or hum on-key) and the recollection that there was something about an alligator biting someone's hand off.

Just finished watching that old TV program that I cobbled together on the computer last night, and in the last segment, THEY PLAYED THE SONG! So now, armed with the knowledge that it's called "Amos Moses", I can track down the artist and, hopefully, a CD. :-)

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