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Just finished a very giggly phone conversation with the female half (N.) of my hairdressing team. I'd come home from errand running yesterday to find a killing-herself-laughing message from N. on my answering machine ... her hubby (J. and other half of the team) was going absolutely NUTS wondering when I was going to bring their copies of the new HP; I'd ordered them a couple of copies (they wanted one apiece, so they wouldn't be fighting over it), at their request, through my staff account ... warned at the time that I could NOT get it to them on the Saturday, since ULS wouldn't be open, and J. SWORE he could wait until Monday, because he liked the idea of getting it on the cheap due to my staff discount. According to his wife, he spent all day Saturday fretting and wondering when he was going to get his copy ... LOL!!!!! (hope nobody got a scary haircut as a result), so N. just HAD to call and tell me about it (she's the patient grownup in the family, more or less, and isn't bothered by waiting for it). Right now their niece is kindly permitting J. read a few pages in her copy, so that should keep him calm until I deliver theirs (hopefully after work tomorrow).

I know you have to know these people to truly appreciate how funny this is (semmie17 will get it), but trust me, it's hilarious. :D (a J. performance is worth paying extra money for, above the hairdressing fees, and when J. & N. get the team act going, 'tis impossible to keep a straight face and difficult to stay in the chair)

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