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Finally had my number come up for Illusion knitting, by Vivian Høxbro, which I've had on hold at the library for AGES! Definitely well worth the wait; I had wanted to preview the book and comprehend the technique (and learn just how easy/difficult it was) ... after a thorough scan, it's on my must-buy list. 'twas interesting to learn that the technique of shadow knitting (a.k.a. illusion knitting) appears to have been created in Japan and heartening to learn that it is fairly simple. For those wondering what on earth I'm nattering about, take a peek at here to see a selection of designs from the book. The rainbow jacket is especially calling to me ... imagining it worked in a Noro yarn (which comes from Japan and is a rainbow in itself), alternating with black or dark chocolate. Hmmmm ... how many other things do I need to finish before I can justify this ... ?

Also checked out my local branch's new DVD collection and came home with an old favourite: Bell, Book and Candle. Got a serious case of the giggles partway through, upon recognizing the similarities in personality (and ego) between Hermione Gingold's witch character and another Hermione-witch. ***GRIN***
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