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Long-sleeved Miyake top Long-sleeved Miyake top

The fabric isn't as glittery as the flash makes it appear ... unless you've practically got your nose up against it, it appears to be a heathery charcoal colour. The "heather" effect is provided by tiny, shiny fibres of fuschia, green-gold and turquoise twisted into the charcoal thread that the fabric is knitted from ... these do sparkle a bit when light hits them at the correct angle
Close-up of satin binding on Miyake top Close-up of satin binding on Miyake top

After making the sleeveless version and deciding I didn't care for the raw edge recommended by Miyake, I opted to use satin binding on this one (because of the fabric twist, ordinary hemming ends up with the hem-side-out on one side of the neckline) ... I zig-zagged the binding to the neck edge after sewing the front and back centre seams.
Chinese satin brocade vests Chinese satin brocade vests

The backs of the vests are also in the satin, rather than the "traditional" plain backs. And I still have a piece of red satin brocade waiting its turn ...
Cookies'n'milk vest Cookies'n'milk vest

Made several years ago from the same pattern as the satin vests, but in the short version.
Close-up of the Close-up of the "Cookies'n"milk" fabric

I LOVE people's reactions when they take a closer look at the "cute" fabric. }:D

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