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Let's Get It Straight

Saturday, July 2, 2005 Page A14

Oro Station, Ont. -- Conservative MP Vic Toews says he's concerned about how effective Bill C-38 will be in protecting religious freedoms (Same-Sex Bill Finally Passes -- June 29). Mr. Toews is obviously really confused, so I'd like to help.

Religious freedom means that you can believe in any system of superstition you like without fear of persecution, and, within limits, act on that belief. It does not mean you can persecute other people on the basis of your particular belief.

For example, I can believe in the ancient Aztec god Huitzilopochtli if I like. That doesn't harm anybody. But I can't go around sacrificing people to him. That would be discriminatory and prejudicial behaviour, even if the other person were also a Huitzilopostle, as it would severely circumscribe (and ultimately curtail) their enjoyment of the rights and freedoms offered in Canada, including, paradoxically, their religious freedom. Okay so far?

Bill C-38, on the other hand, merely allows people of the same sex to marry. It doesn't deprive anybody of any freedom, religious or otherwise. You can still believe what you like.

I do hope this helps Mr. Toews, and anyone else who is plagued by the same misunderstanding.
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