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More for your reading lists

Last night I finished Merde : Excursions in Scientific, Cultural, and and Socio-Historical Coprology, by Ralph A. Lewin. An entertaining light read, of the type that will set you off on twenty-five reading/research directions that you'd never thought of until you'd read ________ (fill in title). Fortunately it has an excellent bibliography, making it easy to dig deeper (perfect wording for the topic, no?) into the different facets of feces.

Earlier this week I came to the end of Elfriede Jelenik's The Piano Teacher. Big thank yous to tommdroid for her excellent recommendation! Very VERY angsty indeed. Although I confess to giggling when Klemmer got smacked in the face with his own god's-gift-to-womanhood-ness ... served the arrogant little creep right. :-)
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