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I'm online, trying to book tickets for August. I had planned to go to my Mom's place, since I haven't seen her since I got laid off, then down to Gigi & Mike's for our gathering, then home. Knew it would cost a bit more than a regular return flight, since the airlines have weird notions about controlling what people do and where they go, but the minimum is $2700.00!!!!!!!. If I fly from Calgary to Toronto to Calgary, and THEN from Calgary to Akron to Calgary, it would only cost $1296.72!!!! This is just plain ridiculous ... more than double the price to take one flight less!

Now I have to figure out what to do ... I WANT both visits and I only have a limited amount of vacation time (and money). :-(

EDIT: Just to add to the insanity, if I enter those two round trips together as one booking search, they cost $500.00 more than if I do them separately.

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