JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

I DID IT!!!!!!!!

Heel has been successfully turned (ever notice that "heel" is only one typo away from "hell"? now I know why) with only one error in instruction following on my part and that was fairly simple to unknit back to and correct once I realized it. A few scary moments and attempted stitch escapes while in the tightest angle of this three-dimensional construction, but I was alert and thwarted all tries at sabotage by wool and by needles. Tried it on and it's a perfect, tailored fit to my foot. :-) The angled stitches on each side look a little wavy, but that will even out with wear and washing (thanks to reading history of knitting years ago, I do at least carry the happy knowledge that the reason old sweaters, etc. look so perfect is because the stitches have had time to adjust themselves, NOT because their makers were "perfect" knitters). Now it's just ordinary round-and-round until I decide it's tall enough.

And then I get to make its partner! :P (***gives very sincere and heartfelt thanks that socks don't come in left and right like shoes***)
Tags: knitting

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