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I rarely make coffee at home for myself (to me it's a social drink, like alcohol), but last night, inspired by anotheranon recent graduation to the percolator level and the recent icky/rainy weather (you know it's bad when your normally dry zone starts talking about the weather in terms of "days without rain"), I bought some coffee beans and am listening the happy ker-chunk, ker-chunk of my own percolator right now (and I can smell it already ... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm!!!!!). Minor mystery though ... I rifled through the entire kitchen and I can't find my coffee scoop anywhere (this is the first time I've made coffee since I moved to Calgary, so the first time I've actually needed it). Yeah, yeah, I know I can (and did) use an ordinary measuring spoon to dole out the grounds, but that was an OFFICIAL coffee scoop that I'd had since I first moved out on my own (came with and matches my very first set of measuring cups) ... perfectly sized and shaped and ... well, it was a COFFEE scoop. The pretty magenta tablespoon measure from IKEA is the same size but it just ain't the same ... it has already had adulterous relationships with spices and baking powder and other things, while the coffee scoop was pure and monogamous and wouldn't consider so much as holding hands with anything other than high-grade coarse grounds.

Wonder where it's hiding?

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