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The best thing ...

... about good friends, and indeed, a defining feature of good friends, is that they remember what you like and let you know if they find something neat related to it. Tonight the wonderful anotheranon alerted me to Rick Mercer's Blog ... he only posted his first entry yesterday and she somehow, miraculously, found it (BTW, I was so excited, I forgot to ask ... how DID you come across this treasure?). The Canadian edition of Evil Incarnate says he's going to try to post something everyday and he's off to a flying start today by setting up an annoying Conservative politico for some heavyduty Internet infamy ***grin***

If, somehow, there's somebody who's managed to be reading my LJ without learning who Rick Mercer is, check out his Monday Report page to learn more about the work of the man who is the leading reason that many Canadians pay attention to/think about what their politicians and government are up to. :-)

Spread the word and share the Evil Rick!
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