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Happy dancing!

About a month ago, I gave the houseplants a LONG overdue repotting (since it was nice enough to do it out on the balcony, where dirt spills, dead leaves, etc. are easily disposed of) and, during the process, had the majority of the root of one of my African violets break off in my hand. Not the ordinary purple one, noooo. It HAD to be the exotic Cherries and Cream plant that I actually paid for. (Note, I am NOT a big African violet fan, so my actually BUYING one on purpose tells you how gorgeous the thing is). Spent the week following the repotting session in a state of suspense, checking every night to see if the plant had turned yellow or the leaves had all dropped off or something.

This week I was reassured that the part of the root that broke off mustn't have been vital ... a flower bud appeared on the weekend and tonight I was greeted by a glorious, cherry-coloured bloom, each petal trimmed with a thread-thin white ruffle. :-)

Not mine, but a reasonable facsimile of the real thing

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