JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Well well well ...

There was a message from a Canada Post rep on the answering machine tonight (I gave 'em my daytime work number and they called my home number ... no WONDER the system is a mess!). NOW I know the reason behind Amazon.ca's "we'll replace your books at no charge" offer. It's not philanthropy on their part (I DID wonder); it's because Canada Post has a special agreement with Amazon.ca. Every time Canada Post loses or misdelivers (or, in my case, leaves a package unattended in an apartment building hallway where anybody can help themselves to it) an Amazon.ca package and a customer complains, they reimburse Amazon for the value of the lost merchandise and Amazon sends out a replacement to the customer (the message instructed me to notify Amazon so that this would happen ... glad I already took care of that end of it on my own, without knowing about the deal). It is SO comforting to know that parcel delivery is screwed up so often in this country that such a deal HAD to be made. :p

Absolutely no mention of following up on WHY my parcel was "delivered" when I wasn't home. Ah well. Guess I'd better start shelling out the extra cash for registered delivery on the rare occasions when I still order books online ... if I add up my personal time spent on following up on this, paying the extra shipping would have been cheaper. :P

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