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A busy day tomorrow

Am attending the Heritage Park annual quilt festival for the second time and this time I'll be PREPARED! Last year I had no idea there'd be a massive fabric vendors' tent as well as the quilt display itself ... tomorrow I shall be mentally prepared for shopping (since the fabrics on offer are usually not available in regular fabric stores ... many hand-dyeds/designed and other such goodies).

Then after that, off to Fanny's Fabrics ... learned earlier this week that the chain is going out of business and that two of the Calgary stores are clearing their upholstery goods at 60% off. I've been wanting to make another cover for the living room futon (being able to switch for mood/season/laundering/whatever will be nice), and have been drooling over several different bolts without being able to decide ... if it's all gonna disappear, I guess I'd better decide FAST, no?

In a way, Fanny's demise doesn't surprise me. They have a vast selection of fabrics and good prices (made even better by a membership), but they have a deplorable policy of shelving everything by colour rather than by fibre content/weave/properties. Meaning that, if you have a pattern requiring a particular type of fabric, you'd better have a entire day or more to spare, so that you can finger, and read the label on, every bloody bolt in the place (we're talking bolts in the several thousands here). Even if you snare one of the staff, THEY can't remember the location of, for example, every reversible knit (a memory from my hunt for fabric to make my Miyake tops ... I eventually found one by myself that the staffer was completely unaware of) in the place. Very frustrating.

Meanwhile, just down the street, in the same block, Fabricland (which also has great prices, membership discounts, and sales ... these are both Canadian chains, BTW) displays all their fabric by type, so that you can locate the correct section of the store and know that everything on a particular stand is suitable (and that it's all THERE ... there isn't something hidden elsewhere) ... then all you have to do is pick a colourway. Much more fun and leaves time to browse for other goodies (like special threads, more patterns, a metre or three of something intriguing from the new arrivals table that you KNOW you'll find a use for ...)

I'm gonna be one busy little stasher tomorrow. :-)

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