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And more progress ...

LOL!!!! I think the landlord owes me a commission. Heard this quiet little knock on the door (barely heard it ... even after Semmie put red nail polish on it, people STILL don't use the doorbell) and it was a young couple looking for Carol ... they were 15 minutes early for their appointment with her. Scorching outside, so I let them in to wander around, answered questions, waxed enthusiastic about house, Carol (not many landlords have a habit of taking tenants out for lunch/coffee/whatever), neighbourhood, etc. By the time Carol arrived, they'd already decided to take it, even after learning that I wasn't going to leave our precious IKEA bookcases there ***grin***. They're from Toronto ... Lethbridge is going to be *ahem* a bit of a change for them.

More progress in cleaning; even though shovelled a lot of stuff out of here to make room for Semmie, there's still a disposal pile by the front door. I think there's reverse burglars who sneak stuff into your home when you're asleep. Today's bonus: Carol had a stash of 11 moving boxes for books, courtesy of English professor who just moved into apartment building, so I can start packing books today instead of waiting to get boxes from mover next week. Then can start taking bookcases apart.

Poor Semmie's gonna be afraid to come in the front door ;-)

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