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11th May 2019 - The Bibliophile — LiveJournal
Too busy reading most likely ...
From today's Calgary Spring Fibre Festival! All locally dyed, hand painted and/or spun. Top L-R: Two skeins of Red Neck Goat Ranch Hand Painted 100% Wool and two skeins of Cloud 9 Fiberworks Cirrostratus Worsted (100% SK Dorset Wool) in "That Old Chestnut" and "Toil and Trouble" colourways. Bottom L-R: One skein Red Fox Fibres Blackstone DK (100% Merino) in "All Dyed Up & No Place To Go" colourway (which is a darker teal than it appears in the photo, bought this as a contrast to the orange, yellow & brown skeins I bought from them at the Fibre Shindig earlier this year), one skein Nomad Fibreworks Handspun (Merino Wool/Blue Face Leicester Wool/Corriedale Wool/Silk/"etc.") named "Campfire" (bought this from the Alberta Yarn Project booth and the folk there told me this skein had actually been spun by the Jenn the Fibre Goddess … figures that I would be attracted to her yarns even when they're in disguise), and three skeins of Over The Moon Yarn Sub Atomic DK in "Mars Rover" colourway. This entry was originally posted at https://jlsjlsjls.dreamwidth.org/1384313.html. Please comment here or there (using OpenID), whichever is most convenient for you.

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