October 21st, 2017

The Librarian

Knitting progress ...

It's growing, despite my not having worked with thick yarn/needles for ages. Aiming to finish this for this year's Calgary Fibre Arts Fair (first weekend in November) as both of these yarns were purchased at last year's (and most vendors do love to see what their wares have been turned into). At least now I can vacuum all the stray bright yellow mohair fibres off the couch. And the carpet. And me. ;p

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The Librarian

I would never in a trillion years have guessed that ...

... I'd ever say I was in love with a vacuum cleaner, but today ... Okay, maybe whoever the specific genius at Dyson is would be more appropriate. Because one of the mysterious, I've-never-seen-anything-like-this-before attachments on my new machine, which is a second power head with what looks like little round scrubbing brushes instead of the usual roller brush, turns out to have been designed specifically for getting hair off floors and carpets without it tangling around moving parts.

Speaking as somebody whose high volume of shedding has actually killed vacuum power heads, this is incredible!!! And oh, it does WORK!!! ... not only on the surface but I think it managed to suck up hairs that were burrowed down below the carpet underlay.

Now I'm even more glad that I ended up with this model instead of the one I was originally after. At this rate I may actually end up enjoying vacuuming (okay, not really, but I'm that impressed by this thing)

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