October 20th, 2017

The Librarian

And that's it for THAT to-do list!

Took this week off from work, mainly to do absolutely nothing (due to being exhausted from the long haul of working evenings & weekends), but I did have a holy trinity of tasks I set myself to accomplish and as of today, they're done!

No. 1. Looonnnnggggg overdue haircut: Accomplished on Wednesday. When N. swept the floor afterwards it looked as if she had a small raccoon in the dustpan. Hair is still slightly in shock from having all that weight taken off it but is remembering how to self-curl.

No. 2. Visit the Fluevog store downtown for some shoes to last the rest of my lifetime and, most likely at least two generations after me: Also accomplished on Wednesday. Wanted to do this while the bank balance was high (one thing working a ton of overtime longterm will do, even if it's only for banked hours, is keep you from going out and spending money beyond the bare necessities). Plus local shoe repair guy told me that what I was hoping was just a seam coming undone on one of my many-years-old pairs of winter shoes is actually the suede coming apart as well ... it's beyond his ability to repair (and if this guy can't do it, nobody can ... he's a master shoe surgeon). So stopped at Fluevog on my way home from hairdresser (it's only a block from the spot where I switch from bus to train), put myself in the hands of a staff member who has pretty much exactly the same shoe-fitting issues that I do (so perfect insider knowledge on which styles to not even bother to show me), and acquired these (promptly put the spare burgundy laces in when I got them home because might as well go all the way with the colours, no?) Was really hoping for this style but they were cut just a little too shallow over my little toes and no shoe is so cool that it's worth suffering for.
P.S. Also tried on these, purely for nostalgia's sake because I had exactly this style in second grade (pale grey suede with medium grey leather trim), my very first elegant shoes and adult me would love to have those again. Sadly, the shaping towards the pointy toe of the modern edition begins too far back (I wish current-day designers would learn from fifties shoes how to shape a pointy toe properly) and I have this rule about refusing to amputate any of my own toes for the sake of fit (not even for a glass slipper and a prince)

No. 3. New vacuum cleaner to replace the cheapie interim one that is near death: Accomplished today. Another strike while the bank account is healthy item. Had already done my research and went off to a neighbourhood specialty vacuum cleaner shop. Where they didn't have the model I had in mind in stock on the premises but did have the model that's one step up from that on sale for the same price, so I came home with a Dyson DC78 Turbinehead Animal. I'd only been after the slightly "less" model because I figured I really didn't need the pet hair handling capability but what the heck ... there's still my hair for it to tackle (and I do shed more than most pets).

Though now that I have a fully functioning vacuum again I suppose I have no excuse not to do housework ... ;p

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