April 29th, 2017

The Librarian


The new bakery's bread passed the scrummy buttered toast test with flying colours!!! Was quite sure they would but one has to run (and consume) the test to be sure. On second testing now, just to confirm (the slices in this small loaf are much smaller than those in a regular full-size loaf so a second helping is full justified, right?)

I'm sure we each have our own version of ideal hot buttered toast; here's mine.
Toast bread to desired state of brownness/surface crispness. Grab one slice out of toaster as soon as it pops (leave the other(s) in toaster to keep hot until you're done with the first). Butter as quickly as possible, right to the edges. Grab second slice, put it on top of first (this is essential ... that second slice is now acting as a hot lid on the first slice to make the butter melt into it), and also butter quickly right to the edges. Then put second slice under first so it gets its turn at the "hot lid" treatment. (If your toaster handles more than two slices, carry on in the same manner, putting each newly buttered slice of toast on the bottom of the stack to get its turn at the "hot lid" treatment). Apply honey/jam/jelly/other topping as desired after all the buttering/melting is done. Although if you're very quick and the honey is soft and spreadable, hot-lidding honey and butter together is divine. (optimum is to make honey butter ... combine equal parts honey and butter in a blender and keep a jarful on hand especially for using on hot toast)

So how do you accomplish your perfect toast?

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