April 28th, 2017

The Librarian

Yay! and Yum!

We finally have a neighbourhood bakery again!: Ruca's. While the grand opening is tomorrow they've already been open for business all this week. The coffee cake is very nice but today they scored major points from me for having single-person sized loaves of bread! Tomorrow morning: the toast/melted butter test!**

**One of the reasons that the previous bakery in that location went under was the bread. It was ... weird. Y'know how when you make toast and get butter spread on the slices within seconds of them popping up from the toaster and it melts down into the toast and is utterly, delectably scrummy? With their bread the butter melted but didn't soak down into the toast ... it just congealed on top. Stuff was entirely moistureproof and in bread that is just unnatural. And weird.

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