January 8th, 2017

The Librarian

Knitting progress

I actually finished my Pool & Conquer cowl in November and have worn it several times ... it is most warm and cozy and while that "hood" at one end doesn't look like much when lying flat, it works and stays in place perfectly on a three-dimensional head. Plus the colours do much to brighten up drab and dreary frigid winter days:

Have reluctantly set aside The Null Hypothesis for the moment (though I feel quite chuffed at advancing it from 40% to 46% done) in favour of picking up another long-neglected project that has a chance of being finished before I go back to work next week. So yesterday I got these very boring socks to the point where I could (and did) begin the gusset increases. With luck (okay, self-discipline), I should have the gussets finished and the heels at least started if not entirely turned today. Note that I do love the colours and the knitted fabric; the "very boring" part comes from this being a mass-produced variegated colourway which means which colour comes next and how many stitches it'll be is monotonously predictable (hand-dyed and hand-painted yarns are far more brain-engaging)