January 4th, 2017

The Librarian

Further on BookLikes

According to an update from the folks running the BookLikes site, the slowness I'd observed is a known recent issue that they're working to fix. Judging from the replies to this left by others they have pretty good track record of keeping users informed ... always a good sign. The site is running faster today though there's still a slight lag (nowhere near as bad as previously). I've been doing some more exploring and trying out features, mastering the navigation, etc. Must say that the public page where others can view your books is blessedly clean and simple, a refreshing change from Goodreads' clutter. Each member is assigned a blog within the site for their written reviews, which are then also linked to the individual books and can be accessed by clicking on the cover image; the standard five star (with half stars) rating system is also available. The blog approach is quite nifty as people are writing more than just reviews; there's a sort-of-Twitter-like timeline page that lets you view your own and all other members' recent activities in a chronological list so I'm seeing those entries interspersed with my own additions to my library on this site. Still have to figure out how (or if) one can browse through fellow members; one interesting aspect of the site is that I was automatically following a group of twenty-five other members as soon as I registered ... presumably a random group and I have the option to unfollow any/all of them but it's a nice touch to have a new member automatically included in the community this way.

Screencaps of my account's clutter-free front page layout (just realized I cropped it a little too close; there's a dashboard link at the very far upper right which is the path into the editing innards) and a closeup of the menu. Should add that another very nice feature is that members get to choose whether to have their blog, shelves, or timeline as their front page and get to choose whether either or any of the other two is included in the menu:
booklikesfrontpage booklikesfrontpagemenu