January 2nd, 2017

The Librarian

More futzing around with Dreamwidth ...

A big con that means I will use DW as a backup but won't actually leave LJ to migrate there ... no image library (yet). It's possible to post images but only via email (which is not my preferred means of posting anything anywhere. But an image can only live within the post it was emailed into ... there's no access to storage to repost, rearrange, share directly outside of posting, etc. I load more images into LJ than I actually post here because I can link to them from outside locations when I wish. DW image hosting is under development (according to their FAQ) but it needs to become reality in a useful-to-me format before I would consider actually moving house. The only exception to this decision would be LJ actually going down in flames (in which case, yeah, I'd have no choice but for the backup to become home). Since one of the main things that seems to be concerning people is the security (or lack thereof) of their financial info on Russian servers and my LJ is, as I've mentioned somewhere, a lifetime account paid for in full long ago when LJ's creator was still in charge, I don't have that worry (if that credit card info is still on file it's more than a decade, two bank-instituted financial carrier changes, and at least one card number change out of date)

Further fiddling about: Goodreads widgets can be added to sidebar but they tend to become distorted due to space allocation. LibraryThing widgets can be added but only the LibraryThing link displays. A shame because, to me, LibraryThing widgets are preferable ... they have a changing display that rotates through one's entire library while the Goodreads widgets have a fixed display that will always only contain whatever books fit the parameters when you set it up (it'll only change if you manually redo and re-add it after your Goodreads account has been updated). LibraryThing's "animation" coding is presumably the reason for their nondisplay ... most likely more than Dreamwidth can handle at this time.

Sideline: Speaking of LibraryThing and Goodreads, I'm planning to take a look at the BookLikes site sometime soon. Site runs slow (for me anyway and it might be a holidays thing), but it does have the attraction of not having any Amazon tentacles in it (Amazon owns Goodreads and now a piece of LibraryThing as well); currently completely independent and free unlimited book space. And who knows, it might have Dreamwidth/LJ-compatible widgets. ;p
The Librarian

Playing with BookLikes: first impressions

Have registered with BookLikes, just to check it out; a whole three books added have told me:

*The site runs slow. Most likely because it's relatively new and hasn't acquired big server power yet.
*Both navigation and adding specific editions of books to one's own shelves is much simpler/cleaner than Goodreads ... usually a single click/single screen instead of the layers that Goodreads makes one go through. Much closer to LibraryThing simplicity in this respect.
*Possible to add your own, correct cover image to an existing book record that lacks one without having to be registered as a librarian.
*Editing book info for a title already in one's shelf is also simple/layer-navigation-free.
*Possible to import from and synchronize with one's Goodreads account (which I'm not going to do because Goodreads has inflicted a cringeworthy number of incorrect cover images on my library and I'd like to see if the correct ones link in BookLikes); also an option for Kindle owners to synch with that account/device.
*Choice of cover or table display for shelves, with several customization options for what info displays and order of books. Table layout is clean and easy to read. Also some batch editing options in table view.

Short version: Thumbs up! BookLikes has a lot of potential if the makers lick that speed thing; structurally I like it far better than Goodreads and nearly as much as LibraryThing (which lets me enter/edit ALL data in my library to match my specific edition)

P.S. I'm registered as jlsjlsjls (surprise, surprise) if you plan to register or are already registered in BookLikes and want to connect.
P.P.S. I keep wanting to call it BookLike instead of BookLikes ... must find a screwdriver and make an adjustment to brain. ;p