December 25th, 2016

The Librarian



From the plague pit (we had a half dozen type types of lurgi circulating 'round work last week and they appear to have finally caught up with me this weekend ... on the plus side at least this type of bug can't be transmitted to all you lovelies via computer ***snuffle***)
The Librarian

Interesting ...

Looks as if whatever maintenance LJ did a few days ago (was either Dec. 21st or Dec. 22nd) also turned off my emailed notifications when people reply to my posts ... I WAS getting emails up until then and a few minutes ago is the first time I've gone into my settings in months so it was definitely them not me.

See that a ton of images (that I KNOW were there a short time ago) have disappeared from my Scrapbook as well. Another "enhancement" to the programming, one presumes. ***sigh***

Anyhow and anyhoo, I think I've now spotted and acknowledged all recent replies. And I've turned on LJ backup notifications as well as restored the email settings. So I should be able to hear everybody now.

Had a feeling ...

... that Andrzej Sapkowski, like Arturo Pérez-Reverte, would be a source of excellent quotes. Depressing but far too true:

Intolerance and superstition has always been the domain of the more stupid amongst the common folk and, I conjecture, will never be uprooted, for they are as eternal as stupidity itself. There, where mountains tower today, one day there will be seas; there where today seas surge, will one day be deserts. But stupidity will remain stupidity.
--From "Blood of Elves"