October 10th, 2016

The Librarian

Sometimes the universe smiles brightly upon us even on gloomy, grey, snowy days ...

Had an optometrist appointment today (yeah, it's a holiday but the clinic is in a mall so their lease presumably specifies them keeping mall hours and the staff tend to be quite zealous in booking holiday-day appointments, probably so they won't be bored out of their skulls on those days ...)

Anyway, optometrist today (and, once again, an impressively clean bill of eye health), and figured since I was unavoidably in a mall anyway I might as well take care of other errands as well.

The Bay first, because Jockey has resurrected a "classics" line of underthings which happens to include a couple of long-discontinued items that I loved so I'm buying as much as I can before they're gone again. Opened my wallet to pay and nestled next to my Bay points card was a $20.00 discount coupon that was valid for this week! (usually I forget I've been given these specific-week-in-the-future coupons and only rediscover them after they've expired)

The Body Shop next because I've recently discovered that their shower gel also makes fantastic shampoo (simply cleans hair/scalp and rinses off completely without leaving behind moisturizers, hydrators, conditioners or other residual gunk ... y'know, the way shampoo USED to work). Pick up two bottles and am told by the staff that there's a buy two, get two free deal going on. So what the heck, grab a further two bottles and then at the cash register, along with that bargain and my couple of bucks discount for having a membership card, I get a further $10.00 off because my birthday is within this month. So around $60.00 worth of product for $18.00 and change!

HMV is two doors down from The Body Shop on the way to the exit, so stop in to see if there's anything interesting in the British section. Yep, season 1 of "Vicious" which has been on my want-to-see list for a while. (full price but you can't get lucky in every store). And also picked up "The Maltese Falcon" (Bogart version) ... y'know, I've owned the novel for decades and have read it more than once but I've never ever seen the movie. A very odd hole in my viewing history considering it's such a classic. So have this to look forward to watching in the near future (I kinda want to read the novel again first ... it's been a long while and one can never re-read Dashiell Hammett too many times)

Then off to the grocery store that lives outside the mall because they stock my favourite tea ... the stores close to home do not ... and acquire three boxes of that for my stash. And from there to the bus stop, being extremely grateful that it was a gloomy, grey, snowy day because that was so much kinder to my optometrist-dilated eyes (yeah, had that test done along with the regular exam)

And now I've been home a while, am fed, tea is steeping, and now I think I'll put a fresh disc of "Absolute Power" in the player and see if I can't get a few more rounds knitted on that insanely-Celtic-knotted pink thing. :-)